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28 Sep

All You Need To Know About Planting Bulbs!

Planting Bulbs

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare your garden for beautiful bursts of colour next spring. Planting bulbs is often a favourite amongst gardeners because of how easy they are to plant and grow, and how reliably brilliant the results are when spring comes. There are many bulbs to chose from, the most popular being [...]


Published Date: 28 Sep 2010
Category: Bulbs Tubers and Corms, Gardening Advice

23 Sep

Perfect Primroses for your Bedding Plant Displays

Primrose Sunshine 50 Plants +20 FREE £11.99

Primroses have always been a part of British history, made famous through Shakespearean writing, folklore and for their use in ancient medicine. They are now an extremely popular bedding plant, perfect for cheering up your winter garden and signifying the start of spring. Primroses are low growing, clump forming plants, with brightly coloured flowers protruding from their large green oval leaves.  [...]


Published Date: 23 Sep 2010
Category: Autumn Bedding

17 Sep

Top Bird Care Tip for September – Time To Prepare

Encourage winter birds into your garden

 Feeding wild birds for the winter If you want to find out about feeding wild birds then there is no one more bird friendly than Mike Stentiford, MBE. In this article Mike explains how birds prepare for the onset of winter. This is the time of year when wildlife gets down to the ‘serious business [...]


Published Date: 17 Sep 2010
Category: Bird Care

14 Sep

Tips For Planting Your Roses

Roses are still one of the most popular garden shrubs

 Easy rose planting tips There is nothing more rewarding than a beautiful rose garden with all its colour and scent. But, achieving it requires diligence. In her article, Christine Walkden, feature writer for Jersey Plants Direct, offers you plenty of practical rose planting tips to help you enjoy your blooms. A look into the history [...]


Published Date: 14 Sep 2010
Category: Gardening Advice

08 Sep

Colourful Pansies for your bedding plant displays this winter

Pansy Can Can

With autumn coming to an end and with winter looming over your garden don’t lose your summer and autumn colour to the cold weather, look instead towards our wide collection of pansies to fill your garden with their colourful faces all winter! These surprisingly hardy plants are great for filling gaps in your borders, trailing [...]


Published Date: 08 Sep 2010
Category: Autumn Bedding

07 Sep

Behind The Scenes – How We Grow Our Plants

How we grow our plants

Nursery plants behind the scenes – How we grow our plants! Growing nursery plants uncovered! Jersey Plants Direct takes you on a fascinating behind the scenes tour of their nursery in a five-part article.  Each instalment reveals how your plants are grown at Jersey Plants Direct. The article is broken down into five Nursery Notes segments [...]


Published Date: 07 Sep 2010
Category: About Jersey Plants Direct

05 Sep

Garden Pests – White fly

Whiteflies are a sub-tropical pest

  Continuing our series of Top Garden pests, today we take a look at White flyThese common sap-feeding pests mainly affect houseplants and greenhouse plants. They are a sub-tropical pest that was introduced into the UK by accident, and now over 1400 species of whitefly have been recorded worldwide, 56 of these have been found in [...]


Published Date: 05 Sep 2010
Category: Pests & Diseases

04 Sep

September Garden – Tidy, Protect & Maintain

Give evergreen hedges a final trim

Tidying your garden – cut back, prune and divide This month continue to deadhead plants to prolong their display and when they are past their best you can add them to the compost heap. If your perennials are looking tired then remove dead leaves.  If they are getting too big, lift and divide and prise [...]


Published Date: 04 Sep 2010
Category: Gardeners Calendar

02 Sep

September Garden – Sowing & Planting

Make the most of your pots

 The days are shortening, the light levels are fading and the sun is lower in the sky. But, despite the prospect of winter around the corner, September is a great time to reap the rewards of your vegetable plot.  Keep spring in mind by planting spring-flowering bulbs and enjoy the garden before summer is [...]


Published Date: 02 Sep 2010
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01 Sep

September Message From Tim

Bearded iris Collection - 6 Rhizomes for £12.99

Well autumn is here already and this month we have lots of new products for you. Also on another note our “Help for Heroes” offers have resulted in donations of over £13,000 to date.  We think it’s worthwhile to make gardening fun and help a good cause, so a big “thank you” to everyone for joining in. Last [...]


Published Date: 01 Sep 2010
Category: Tim's Messages