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08 Nov

Two Garden Must – Haves!

Day Lilies Collection of 6 from £11.99

  Chrisitne Walken recommends two plants that should be in your garden this autumn… what are they? The day lily and the bearded iris. And why? Well Christine recommends these two plants because ‘both of these plants grow in a wide range of situations and soil types providing they are in full sun and well [...]


Published Date: 08 Nov 2010
Category: Bulbs Tubers and Corms

05 Nov

Plant Disease – Rose Black Spot

Rose Black spot can be spotted by the dark, remember to check the underside of leaves.

This is one of the garden diseases specific to all types of roses. It takes the form of a black spot fungus and produces spores, which are released under wet conditions. Rose black spot thrives in warm, wet weather, especially in the spring. Leaves less than two weeks old are most susceptible and spores can [...]


Published Date: 05 Nov 2010
Category: Pests & Diseases

03 Nov

November Garden – Tidy, Protect and Maintain

Make sure you keep on top of things by raking leaves regularly

Tidying your garden- prune, cut back and divide November is your last chance to prepare your soil before winter sets in. Soil can easily be damaged; make sure you dig up any unwanted plants and turn over your soil while it still contains some summer heat. Protect any bare patches of soil with mulch, compost, [...]


Published Date: 03 Nov 2010
Category: Gardeners Calendar

02 Nov

Summer Flowering Seeds!

Begonia Destiny 50 Seeds £2.99

Here at Jersey Plants Direct we know that some of our customers love growing their plants from seed, we have now introduced an even larger collection of Super Flowering Seeds with prices starting from only £2.99! Our seed collection is made up of our full 2011 Garden Ready Plant range, so you have the opportunity to grow [...]


Published Date: 02 Nov 2010
Category: Spring Bedding

01 Nov

November Garden – Sowing & Planting


As winter quickly approaches, take advantage of the cool days and the slower pace of gardening to prepare your plants for winter. November is in the midst of the dormant period so it’s the perfect time to keep up your garden maintenance and prepare your garden for the future frosts. Sowing and Planting   Bulbs [...]


Published Date: 01 Nov 2010
Category: Gardeners Calendar

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