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22 Jun

Meet Our Customer Service Team!

cust 4

Earlier this year we moved to a larger office in St Helier, Jersey. The extra space has allowed us to employ more staff and add new phone lines to our call centre. We are extremely proud of the improvements we’ve made this year to give you a better service than ever before. Every aspect of [...]


Published Date: 22 Jun 2012
Category: About Jersey Plants Direct
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21 Jun

Perennial Planting Combinations!


Some of you may have bought too many plants of one kind this summer and have no idea what to do with them! We have some brilliant planting combinations for you to have a look at below: We’ve chosen the beautiful Lavender Rosea, it’s a traditional english favourite perfect for borders, containers or as edging for [...]


Published Date: 21 Jun 2012
Category: Garden Ideas, Perennials

20 Jun

We Have Fantastic New Products This Month!


It’s time to start planning ahead to autumn and we’ve got plenty of new products for you to choose from! All Plug Plants below are grown in individual cells and measure approximately 4-8cm in height on arrival. Plug Plants are despatched from August to September. All Garden Ready Plants below are also grown in individual [...]


Published Date: 20 Jun 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding

15 Jun

June Growing Guide!

June Veg Guide

The growing season has officially started this month so get out into the garden and start planting and harvesting! It’s the best time to plant out vegetable seedlings and sow tender crops outside. If you are planting out vegetables this month make sure you have prepared the soil by digging in lots of organic matter. [...]


Published Date: 15 Jun 2012
Category: Fruit and Vegetables

14 Jun

Tim’s June Message!


Dear Customer, Summer’s here at last and as you enjoy your new season displays, it’s worth taking a break and thinking a little bit ahead. By starting to plan now for your autumn and winter garden you can reap the benefits, not just of all year garden colour but, because we effectively grow and despatch [...]


Published Date: 14 Jun 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding, Tim's Messages
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13 Jun

Prestigious New Range of Clematis from Evison & Poulsen!


We are offering a brand new collection of Clematis plants developed by experienced cultivators Evison & Poulsen. These Clematis plants are bred to perform, filling your garden with colour. You can plant them in pots either indoors or out or in your beds and borders. These Clematis plants are perfect for training up a tripod, marking [...]


Published Date: 13 Jun 2012
Category: Roses and Shrubs

12 Jun

It’s Time to Take Softwood Cuttings!


Taking cuttings is an easy and effective way to increase your garden stock year after year without spending a penny! Taking softwood cuttings is the best way to produce more bounty from your garden. Many of you may already divide your plants but a lot of plants are impossible to divide. Germinating seeds is also [...]


Published Date: 12 Jun 2012
Category: Gardening Advice
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11 Jun

3 Garden Designs Made Easy!


Not all of us have standard garden shape or an abundance of space to work with, sometimes our gardens are irregular, L-shapes or just quite small! If you have an awkwardly shaped garden and no idea how to make the most of it take a look at our easy design guides below… Tiny Courtyard Keep it simple [...]


Published Date: 11 Jun 2012
Category: Garden Ideas, Gardening Advice

08 Jun

FAQs About Weeding…


First of all lets look at the different types of weeds you can find in your garden. Event the best kept gardens are prone to weeds because they’ll grown anywhere. Weeds can be invasive and damaging so its best to know what type of weed you are tackling before you start. Weeds can be put [...]


Published Date: 08 Jun 2012
Category: Gardening Advice

07 Jun

What Wildlife to Expect in June!


Butterflies & Moths This month you’ll be able to see more wildlife in your garden due to blooming flowers and warmer weather. Butterflies, moths and birds can be seen flying around your garden. The Jersey Tiger Moth, who takes its name from our beautiful island is most prevelant this time of year. It has a [...]


Published Date: 07 Jun 2012
Category: Wildlife

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