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17 Aug

Autumn Plug Plants and Everything You Need To Grow them!


There’s great enjoyment in watching Plug Plants flourish from such small plants into a wonderful bed of flowers. We know that not all gardeners have the time to grow plants on, but for those who do we have a fantastic range of Plug Plants despatching now. Click here to view our full range! Many of [...]


Published Date: 17 Aug 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding

16 Aug

Tim’s August Message!


Dear customer, Welcome to your August Jersey Choice Magazine, absolutely packed with great value, new ideas and – lots of choice! One way to compensate for that wet start to the summer is extend your garden displays into winter and beyond. There’s a wide range of autumn bedding, offers start at £9.99 andyou can achieve [...]


Published Date: 16 Aug 2012
Category: Tim's Messages

15 Aug

Small Garden Designs!


Small gardens can feel like a curse, especially if you’re a keen gardener. Cramming as many plants as possible into your garden can seem tempting when you’re lacking space but with a well planned design you can achieve any look you want. We’ve come up with three fantastic garden ideas to make the best out of [...]


Published Date: 15 Aug 2012
Category: Garden Ideas

14 Aug

Brand New Pre-Planted Containers!


This season we’re offering brand new pre-planted containers, perfect for brightening up your winter garden. Containers are brilliant in a small garden or simply for adding colour to patios and balconies. Each container comes straight to you pre-planted – all you have to do is position them and water. Much easier! They are made from [...]


Published Date: 14 Aug 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding

13 Aug

Alternative Space Saving Gardens!


As more and more of the UK becomes built up its important that we try to re-create some of the space in we’ve taken over. This can be done through the creation of wall gardens and roof gardens. Take a look below at these alternative garden options for those of you lacking space or wanting to [...]


Published Date: 13 Aug 2012
Category: Garden Ideas

10 Aug

Not Sure How to Plant Out Your Autumn Garden Readies? Take a look at our YouTube Video!

GR planting out

Autumn Garden Ready Plants are the perfect way to add colour to your winter garden. Garden Ready Plants are slightly bigger than our Plug Plants but still brilliant value. On arrival Garden Ready Plants will measure approximately 6-10cm from root to tip and can be planted out straight away. We offer all your winter favourites [...]


Published Date: 10 Aug 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding, Gardening Advice
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09 Aug

Get Rid of Pests this Autumn!


Pests don’t have to be combated with harsh chemicals. You can use simple methods to stop pests attacking your plants. First of all, use natural controls like hand picking off aphids or other pests, setting up barriers or trimming off effected plants. If those fail, a homemade pest control can be efficient enough to stop them attacking [...]


Published Date: 09 Aug 2012
Category: Pests & Diseases

08 Aug

How to go Organic!


Organic gardening isn’t for everyone but it’s easy to achieve if you want to make a change. Organic gardening allows nature to take over and although it might take a while your garden will find a balance. The transition to an organic garden is both free of money and doesn’t take any extra time. The healthiest type [...]


Published Date: 08 Aug 2012
Category: Gardening Advice

07 Aug

How to Create your own Mini-Meadow!


This month is all about the Olympics and as you know the Olympic park is full to the brim with meadows. The park’s meadows include both native and non-native plants. Key plants at the Olympic park include Cornflowers, Marigolds and Chrysanthemums. We love the stunning meadows in the Olympic park, they’re perfect for attracting wildlife and [...]


Published Date: 07 Aug 2012
Category: Garden Ideas, Gardening Advice

06 Aug

What Wildlife to Expect this Month!


This month you’ll see butterflies and bees trying to find the last few un-faded blooms around the garden. A lack of flowers this time of year can often leave pollinators at risk. Help provide your garden wildlife with nectar to survive hibernation by growing late-flowering plants. Dahlias, Penstemons and Asters are perfect for hoverflies, butterflies [...]


Published Date: 06 Aug 2012
Category: Wildlife

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