Monday, June 25, 2018

30 Sep

How to Grow On & Plant Out Plug Plants!


Our autumn Plug Plants are perfect for those better equipped gardeners amongst you. Our autum Plug Plants will masure approximately 4-8cm from root to tip when you receive them. They are ideal if you have a greenhouse, conservatory or similar to grow them on. Plug Plants offer you fantastic value and we have a fantastic range for [...]


Published Date: 30 Sep 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding

29 Sep

Create Your Own Autumn Hanging Basket!


Autumn hanging baskets are a fantastic way to add some colour and interest to your garden this winter. They are extremely versatile and a brilliant idea for smaller gardens. If you have a shady garden hanging baskets could be the answer as planting something a little higher up means your flowers are likely to get a the sunlight they need [...]


Published Date: 29 Sep 2012
Category: Autumn Bedding
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28 Sep

It’s Time to Start Thinking About Garden Birds!


As we enter into autumn and winter eventually takes hold your garden birds will find it harder to feed themselves. Summer’s bounty will be diminishing by now so berries, seeds and your garden’s natural resources won’t be available.  We have a brilliant selection of wild bird feed full of fibre, protein, fat and carbohydrates essential for [...]


Published Date: 28 Sep 2012
Category: Bird Care

21 Sep

Tim’s September Message!


Dear Customer, “Whatever you choose all the plants will be grown here… …and backed by our 28 day replacement or refund guarantee” Don’t you find that it’s looking a little duller each day? Well in this latest edition of Jersey Choice Magazine there are lots of ways to brighten your winter and spring garden. But [...]


Published Date: 21 Sep 2012
Category: Tim's Messages

19 Sep

Time to Plant Spring Flowering Bulbs!


As we head into autumn it’s time to start thinking about beautiful spring displays. There’s nothing like seeing spring’s first flowers flourishing and planting bulbs now while the days are still relatively warm will save time next season. We have a brilliant collection of spring flowering bulbs on offer – click here to view our [...]


Published Date: 19 Sep 2012
Category: Bulbs Tubers and Corms

15 Sep

Store The Taste of Summer!


Don’t let your summer produce go to waste this year. If you have far too much to eat now, use these methods to store the taste of summer! Creating something new out of your produce is extremely satisfying and you’ll save money by storing produce through winter. It’s best to chill any perishable crops (such [...]


Published Date: 15 Sep 2012
Category: Gardening Advice
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13 Sep

Customer Comments & Photographs!


Here at Jersey Plants Direct we are constantly trying to improve our service to you, the customer. What better way to find out what you think of us, our products and our delivery service than writing a review! Below are a selection of reviews we have recieved this summer- Mr. Robbins from north Yorkshire sent [...]


Published Date: 13 Sep 2012
Category: Customer Feedback

09 Sep

September Garden – Sowing & Planting!

The days are shortening, the light levels are fading and the sun is lower in the sky. But, despite the prospect of winter around the corner, September is a great time to reap the rewards of your vegetable plot.  Keep spring in mind by planting spring-flowering bulbs and enjoy the garden before summer is really gone for [...]


Published Date: 09 Sep 2012
Category: Fruit and Vegetables
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06 Sep

Are We Putting Our Garden Wildlife at Risk?


This month we should be thinking about preparing our garden for autumn and eventually winter. This includes that annual tidy around the garden. Wildlife will start to take shelter and prepare themselves for winter too, this preparation can be disturbed by tidying, but are we really putting wildlife at risk? Garden wildlife does tend to [...]


Published Date: 06 Sep 2012
Category: Wildlife

02 Sep

September Garden – Tidy, Protect & Maintain


Tidying your garden – cut back, prune and divide This month continue to deadhead plants to prolong their display and when they are past their best you can add them to the compost heap. If your perennials are looking tired then remove dead leaves.  If they are getting too big, lift and divide and prise them [...]


Published Date: 02 Sep 2012
Category: Gardeners Calendar