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17 Sep

Top Bird Care Tip for September – Time To Prepare

 Feeding wild birds for the winter

Winter Bird

The Jay is a handsome bird with it's brownie-pink waistcoat and kingfisher-blue wing coverts

If you want to find out about feeding wild birds then there is no one more bird friendly than Mike Stentiford, MBE. In this article Mike explains how birds prepare for the onset of winter. This is the time of year when wildlife gets down to the ‘serious business of finding an ever-diminishing source of food,’ says Mike.

During the autumn months birds enjoyed feasting on ripe berries, beechmast and hazelnuts. However, as the winter months set in and the days grow shorter, birds depend on the nutritious food we put out for them.

For all of us bird friendly gardeners the winter is an opportunity to put our hospitality skills into practice by helping to give birds the nutrition they need during this time.’ Feeding wild birds involves getting out the nuts and loaves. As Mike puts it, ‘the supplementary food-fest provided by bird-lovers is by far and away the best thing that’s happened to birds since, well, since sliced scrap bread!’

When it comes to feeding wild birds, Mike suggests we experiment with the kind of bird food we put out for our feathered friends. Birds, just like us, have different tastes and what is tasty for one might be unpalatable to another. Your garden can attract a variety of different birds when you experiment with different seed mixes. In fact, ‘with such a vast variety of seed mixes, fat balls, peanuts and even dried mealworms at our disposal, even the smallest of gardens can quickly evolve into a mini nature reserve.’ And that’s good news for bird friendly gardeners.

Tips for the bird friendly gardener

Feeding wild birds will attract different species including the Jay. In this article Mike talks about its handsome features and busy nature: it’s ‘brownie-pink waistcoat, pied crown-feathers, snow-white rump and kingfisher-blue wing coverts, it is truly the most handsome of the species …’

Even for bird friendly gardeners some species fail to register anywhere near the top of the bird-watchers popularity chart. Feeding wild birds will of course attract such visitors like the sparrowhawk. In his article Mike will give some advise on how to deter a ‘smash and grab’ attack from this particular bird.

Now is the time to experiment with different kinds of bird feed. Feeding birds during the winter months will attract plenty of activity around the feeding station for you to enjoy.

Read the entire article here.

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