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Tips For Planting Your Roses

 Easy rose planting tips

Roses are still one of the most popular garden shrubs

Roses are still one of the most popular garden shrubs

There is nothing more rewarding than a beautiful rose garden with all its colour and scent. But, achieving it requires diligence. In her article, Christine Walkden, feature writer for Jersey Plants Direct, offers you plenty of practical rose planting tips to help you enjoy your blooms. A look into the history and importance of the rose helps to set the scene. You’ll find interesting tit-bits in this article. For instance did you know ‘the rose has been part of our history since the Tertiary period which started 70 millions years ago.’ Some of our favourites like the Alba, Centifolias, Gallicas and Damask roses were seen in cultivation in AD 1200.

For the gardener looking for some gardening tips, Christine explains, ‘roses are still one of the most popular garden shrubs today and there are several good reasons why this is true.’ For example, ‘don’t be tempted to plant too close as this will encourage weak growth that will become susceptible to the three common diseases which may attack garden roses – blackspot, powdery mildew and rose rust.’ Also, importantly, don’t let your roses stand in water or they will die!

For success, roses need good light so you must follow the spacing suggestions supplied with your plants when they arrive. You need not be limited with placing your plants in specific rose beds. Christine says, ‘the gardener can use them in so many situations.’

Rose tips for all

The full Rose Tips article explains the conditions roses prefer, like a soil rich in organic matter, and a draught free area. These easy to follow rose planting tips cover the rose plants arrival, feeding and maintenance. Take the mystery out of growing roses by reading this article. As Christine says, ‘feeding roses is very simple.’ She will tell you the best way to ensure you will have a long season of display. These rose tips will help you on your way to having the rose garden you want. Indeed, some simple rose planting tips will help you create a display of blooms for all to enjoy.

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