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Perfect Primroses for your Bedding Plant Displays

Primrose Valiant 50 plants +20 FREE £11.99

Primrose Valiant 50 plants +20 FREE £11.99

Primroses have always been a part of British history, made famous through Shakespearean writing, folklore and for their use in ancient medicine. They are now an extremely popular bedding plant, perfect for cheering up your winter garden and signifying the start of spring.

Primroses are low growing, clump forming plants, with brightly coloured flowers protruding from their large green oval leaves.  Part of Primrose’s popularity comes from how easy to plant and care for it is. It’s surprisingly resilient and can tolerate various types of soil.

Primroses are bred to bloom at different times in the year. Our Primrose Valiant has been bred for its winter performance, flowering from late winter to late spring.  It’s surprisingly hardy and will survive frosts and wet conditions.  Others, like our Primrose Harlequin flowers in the autumn and then again in early spring.

Primrose Rosebud 50 Plants +20 FREE £9.99

Primrose Rosebud 50 Plants +20 FREE £9.99

Here at Jersey Plants Direct we nurture our Primrose autumn bedding plants until they are ready to be despatched to you, from August through to the end of October.   They can be planted out into your garden as soon as your summer bedding displays start to fade and you want to replace your displays with Autumn and Winter flowering plants.

Now is the perfect time to plant your Primroses, so why not take advantage of our fantastic value collections!  Take advantage of our Amazing Low Price offer on Primrose Rosebud,  50 Garden Ready plants+ 20 plants for only £9.99.

Primroses are extremely easy to maintain, just follow these steps-

Primroses prefer a damp and shady environment so try and find them a dark corner that needs a little colour throughout the winter – maybe visible from a favourite window so you can enjoy their colour even when you don’t venture out into the garden.

  • Primroses look wonderful planted at the base of trees, and slightly beneath shrubs- this provides primroses with the perfect amount of shade.
  • Make sure your primroses are equally spaced to ensure they don’t become over-crowded
  • Make sure you water them frequently, but don’t soak them as root rot is always a possibility.
  • Dead head spent blooms quickly to encourage new growth

    Primrose Pink Parfait 50 Plants +20 FREE £11.99

    Primrose Pink Parfait 50 Plants +20 FREE £11.99

Primroses don’t typically attract any pests or diseases, but remove leaves that might become infected with leaf spot.

Looking for something a traditional primrose – try our Primrose Sunshine, a primrose in shades of yellow or if you are looking for something a little different – why not try our Primrose Pink parfait - a lovely pink primrose!

At Jersey Plants Direct we offer a large range of Primroses with varied flowering times so you can enjoy your Primroses through from now until the spring!


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  1. stan armstrong on Sat, 2nd Oct 2010 4:34 pm 

    Please help me to buy either.. Primroses or Polyanthus or Primula..Very chalky garden in chilterns..
    Do some of the above flower more than one season please?

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