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09 Apr

April Garden – Sowing & Planting

April garden calender blossoms

Golden daffodils, blossoms and rising temperates make April such an exciting month

Spring should now be in full flow.  Golden Daffodils, blossoms and rising temperatures make April such an exciting month. Yes, there’s the odd ‘April shower’ but frequent longer sunny days make for lovely gardening weather.

You may need to start watering vulnerable plants as ground water reserves are low and ‘April showers’ tend to evaporate before they can penetrate the water table.

Sowing and planting:

Hardy annuals such as Sunflowers, Marigolds, Cornflowers and Nasturtiums can be sown in directly into your beds and pots to give you colour later in the year.  And, even though it’s spring, you should sow half hardy summer bedding plants, like Petunias and Lobelia in trays and keep them under cover until the weather is reliably warm day and night.

Put up your hanging baskets weather permitting – Jersey Plants Direct have some new Hanging Gardens, which make ideal containers for your summer bedding plants.

Now’s the time to plant summer flowering bulbs if you haven’t done so already– Bulbs such as Alliums and Agapanthus are ideal for patio containers and like the warmer spring soil in your borders. Make sure you prepare the soil first to ensure good drainage to prevent bulbs rotting.

You can still plant herbaceous perennials month, such as Geranium & Aubretia.  Make sure that your plants have strong green shoots and plant them into well-prepared soil.  Planting them now will  give them a chance to establish in the milder, wetter weather.

In April plant evergreens such as Phormiums and Cordylines.  Cordylines are wonderful container plants, or why not use them as a focus point in your bedding or to add some foliage relief in a mixed border.


April garden potatoes

In the first half of April chit and plant out second early potatoes

In the first half of April chit and plant out second Early Potatoes, in the second half plant maincrop potatoes. Don’t worry if you don’t have much space, Potatoes can be grown in pots, bags and buckets.  Don’t forget to water them if there hasn’t been much rain.  Earth up Potatoes already in the ground to protect the potatoes from the light.

In well-prepared soil you can sow seed outdoors for Beetroot, Carrots, Lettuce, Leeks, Spring Onions, Peas and Perpetual Spinach. Indoors you can sow Courgettes, Sweet Peppers, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, and Salad.

If you live in a mild area then sow dwarf French Beans and Sweet Corn outside under cloches or fleece.  If you live in a cooler area then you best wait until May.

Give Blackcurrants and Blackberries a high nitrogen feed.  They will be putting on a growth spurt this month and will appreciate the feed.


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