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09 Apr

April Garden, Tidy, Protect & Maintain

Tidying your garden – Cut back, prune and divide:

This month divide the clumps of herbaceous perennials that you want to propagate.  Clumps of bulbs can be divided in the same way.  Just make sure the transplanted cuttings have roots and shoots and have sufficient water to help them settle into their new positions.

You can prune Penstemons and other tender plants like Lavender by making the cut just above fresh new shoots.  Cutting back Lavender prevents them from getting too leggy or woody.

Lavatera benefits from cutting back hard in April.   New shoots will soon appear and carry this season’s flowers on this fast growing shrub.

April Spring Garden Maintenance

Borders and beds need a good all-purpose fertiliser but be careful not to damage emerging shoots, or to burn them with fertiliser.

Your spring garden bedding plants such as Pansies and Primulas will continue to need deadheading.  Pansies can carry on flowering into early summer if regularly deadheaded. Now is the time to tidy up and take away any tired winter bedding and plants.

Top up pots and tubs with fresh compost or if the pots are full already remove the top 5cms and replace with fresh compost.  Water containers if they start to dry out.

April Garden

Mild spells help aphids multiply fast. Remove infestations before the problem gets out of hand

Mulch Rose and shrub beds with a nice 3-inch layer of organic matter. This is important to help keep in moisture during dry spells and reduce the build up of weeds.  Azaleas and Camellias are particularly vulnerable to drying out and a layer of mulch around their roots helps protect them.


Continue to protect vulnerable plants like Lilies, Delphiniums and Hostas from slugs and snails.

Mild spells help aphids multiply fast.  Remove infestations before the problem gets out of hand.  Your sweet peas must be protected from aphids as they can get sweet pea viruses.  Alternatively try our Ladybird Larvae, one of our great range of biological control products – the natural way to tackle aphids.


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