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25 Oct

Bring Colour and Scent into your Garden with Beautiful Roses

Orange Perfume Hybrid Tea Rose 3 Plants £11.99

Orange Perfume Hybrid Tea Rose 3 Plants £11.99

Roses are a lovely way to bring colour and scent into your garden. At Jersey Plants Direct we offer three different types of Roses- Hybrid Tea Roses, Climbing Roses and Patio Roses. All of our roses are despatched throughout November, ready for immediate planting. All of our roses are bare root, there’s no chance of the roots dying out before sale, bare-root plants are always good quality and have a wider root spread than containerized plants.

Cover those unsightly walls, fences and sheds with our gorgeous selection of climbing roses.  We sell climbing roses in a variation of colours from White Cockade, the lovely red Etoile de Hollande, bright yellow Golden Climber or Pink
Heidelberg. Climbing roses are unfortunately not self-clinging, and need support from horizontal wires tied to the shoots to guide them in the right direction.  Climbers need to be pruned in late autumn or winter, after the flowers have faded. Here’s a step by step pruning guide for climbing roses-
  • Remove dead, diseased or dying branchesDead-head during the flowering season to encourage growth

  • Tie any new shoots to encourage them to grow upwardsPrune flowered shoots back two thirds of their length

  • Climbing roses can often become over-crowded, cut back old growths from the base

  • Saw away any dead stumps near the base of the rose where rain can collect and encourage root rot

Golden Climber Climbing Rose 1 Plant £6.99

Golden Climber Climbing Rose 1 Plant £6.99

Unsure whether you have rambling or climbing roses in your garden? The easiest way to tell the difference between rambling and climbing roses is to take note of the flowering time. Climbing roses flower between June and October and rambling roses flower in spring.

We also supply Hybrid Tea Roses that come in White Synphony, Queen Elizabeth, Sunsilk, Orange Perfume and Ena Harkness. Hybrid Tea Roses grow to a height of 60-80cm and a spread of 30-40cm, perfect for
creating wonderful displays. Hybrid Tea Roses tend to only have one flower per stem and flower in three flourishes from summer to late autumn.
If left unpruned, Hybrid Tea Roses can become a tangled mess of branches with very few flowers. Follow this guide to ensure that doesn’t happen –
  • Prune the remaining strong stems back to 15cm from ground level.
  • Removeand dispose of dead, diseased or dying branches
  • Dead-head during the flowering season to encourage new growth

    White Patio Rose 1 Plant £6.99

    White Patio Rose 1 Plant £6.99

If you are replacing roses with new roses, ensure that you dig out the soil around the previous roses and exchange it with soil from a different part of the garden, as roses are at risk from disease.

Brighten up your patio with our Patio Roses. Patio roses flourish between June and October and have a height and spread of 25-50 cm, perfect for smaller gardens. Fill your tubs; window boxes and borders with our delicate white, red and pink roses
Pruning Patio Roses, they only require light pruning in winter. If you are lucky enough to have milder weather in the south the best time for pruning patio roses is February, and later if you live further North. These roses often produce a
 mass of twiggy growth, remove this as much as possible because it’s a non-productive part of the plant. Don’t be afraid to cut back any stems growing longer than the rest to keep a control the shape of the bush.


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