Tuesday, May 22, 2018

20 Oct

Last Chance to Order Super Autumn Specials!

Underestimated how many plants you needed for your autumn displays? Prefer to plant out some displays a little later?

Pansy Galore 28 Super Ready Plants £10.99

Pansy Galore 28 Super Ready Plants £10.99

Don’t miss out on these brilliant Super Autumn Specials, perfect for filling borders and making last minute adjustments to your displays. You only have a one more week left  to order these fantastic, larger sized plug plants, so don’t delay. Order by Monday October 25th and they will be despatched straight away for you to plant out immediately. 

 We have a great range of Super Autumn Specials; they are all fantastic value at only £10.99 for 28 plants!

Try the Pansy Galore; these bedding plants are a prolific flowering variety of pansy. Their colourful faces will brighten up your garden from autumn to spring. Use them to fill in those annoying gaps in your bedding plant displays or create interest in your tubs and baskets.  Why not take advantage of the pansy’s hardiness and excellent value for money like Mrs Smith from Wiltshire did.

“…hard frosts, heavy snow, the Pansies are still blooming and look great…. they have proven to be excellent value for money!”- Mrs J Smith, Wilts 

We also offer the wonderful Wallflower Fortune as a Super Autumn Special; these bedding plants are a scented F1 variety and flower in beautiful shades of yellow, red, scarlet and bronze. A lovely, long  lasting way to bring colour to your beds.

Or why not try this traditional English Polyanthus High Seas. With their brightly coloured flowers backed by thick green foliage they look wonderful anywhere in the garden.

Primrose Rosebud, 28 Super Ready Plants for £10.99

Primrose Rosebud, 28 Super Ready Plants for £10.99

Finally, the Primrose Rosebud- is perfect for growing inside or out.  This early flowering primrose has beautiful rose like blooms that sit proud of the lovely rosette  of green leaves.   In beautiful shades of white, red, yellow and purple you’ll enjoy it’s colour right through to late spring inside or out.

Super Autumn Specials come in trays of 28 super ready plants. Want to know more about these plants – take a look at our handy guide to super ready plants. Unfortunately we won’t be able to feature these plants in our November magazine, so this really is your last chance to buy these larger sized super autumn specials!


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