Tuesday, May 22, 2018

30 Oct

Today is Feed the Birds Day!

It’s the 30th of October, and it’s Feed the Birds Day! Take a look at our previous blog article for more information on what you can do today to help the birds in your garden!

Give your bird boxes and bird baths some TLC to keep your garden friends happy. Hopefully the last inhabitants would have used your bird box to bring up a family of youngsters but unfortunately created a mess in the process. Since then the box will have been taken over by spiders, snails, woodlice and other unwelcome residents - so give your bird box a good clear out and a scrub! Repeat this process again next February to make way for birds flocking to claim the box back next spring.

Help your garden birds through the winter with some nutritious food, fill up those feeders and scatter some seed in your garden. Watch the birds happily bustle about appreciating all the garden goodies you’ve provided. Mix things up a little by offering seeds, berries and bugs. This will especially attract Robins and Songbirds, Robins are extremely friendly birds so you can get really involved and even try and feed them from your hand.

Sit back, relax and listen to the sounds of your garden friends after all your hard work!


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