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30 Nov

Top Bird Care Tip for November – On the Edge of Town

Offer a helping hand to your garden friends!

Offer a helping hand to your garden friends!

 It’s often surprising that such a large variety of birds show loyalty to built up areas when their gift of flight makes it pretty simple for it to up-sticks and move on to pastures new and greener. All the more reason therefore, for us to offer a helping hand whenever possible. Think of your garden as a miniature nature reserve, helping these little feathery creatures from November to March is crucial for their survival.

 Mike Stentiford, MBE identifies in his latest article for Jersey Plants Direct that each species has a certain feed that satisfies them most. Starlings and House Sparrows are adventurous when it comes to mealtimes, mixtures of grain and millet allied to almost any kind of leftover food scraps will go down well with these two. Great tits and blue tits seem a mite more conservative in their choice of daily rations although black sunflower seeds and especially peanuts appear to be writ large on their daily satisfaction charts. Grain and mixed seeds also come high on the menu for the greenfinch and chaffinch along with that often frequent garden visitor, the collared dove.

 Top Tip

It becomes more important that our sense of loyalty to our garden friends that bring so much joy to us throughout the year receive good and just reward. In almost every case, this can be applied simply by the provision of edible goodies. Insuring that your feeders and bird houses are extremely clean this year is of paramount importance.  A busy gardenfeeder attracts many different birds, compromising how hygienic your feeder is, make sure you keep it clean to avoid the transmission of viruses between your visitors!

<strong>Bird of the Month- The Festive Robin!</strong>
Bird of the Month – The Festive Robin!

Bird of the Month

There’s no bird more appropriate to celebrate than the Robin this month. It’s wistful winter song and crimson-breast has been associated with the Christmas holidays since postmen wore bright red frock coats.

Jersey Plants Direct are offering the perfect nutritious mix to encourage our festive friend into your garden. Choice Robin & Songbird Mix is a brilliant combination of nuts, fruit and mealworms.

 So Seasonal greetings to the Robin and to you dear reader! 


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