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09 Nov

Top Quality Nordman Christmas Trees!

The Christmas tree is no doubt an essential on your Christmas to-do list. It’s not easy lugging your Christmas tree home and struggling to get it into a stand. Let us do all the hard work and deliver straight to your door with stand already fitted!

All of our Christmas Trees come with FREE next day delivery – from 6th December So you’ll have plenty of time to get the tree looking perfect for your Christmas visitors.  Don’t worry about your tree getting damaged in transit- all of our Christmas Trees will be packaged in netting and a sturdy box to ensure they arrive in perfect condition.  All you will have to do is take your tree out of its box and decorate it!  What could be simpler!

We offer brilliant Nordman Fir Christmas trees. These trees were first introduced to Britian in 1848 from north-east Turkey and the Caucasus Mountains. Since their arrival in the UK, they have enjoyed increasing popularity, being chosen over the more traditional Norway trees because of their ability to retain needles despite indoor heat.

3ft Normand Christmas Tree with Stand £31.99

3ft Normand Christmas Tree with Stand £31.99

Nordman Christmas trees are now a family favourite, well known for having a thick and bushy symmetrical shape. These trees have sturdy branches and strong, mid green needles that are surprisinly soft to the touch- perfect for every member of the family to decorate! 

We are lucky enough to be able to offer you these brilliant Christmas trees in three sizes. 3ft trees are perfect for sitting on a table or dresser and the larger options of 4ft and 5ft are perfect if you have more space.

If you choose to purchase your tree with a stand, we will fit it for you to make the whole process even easier!  The stand is lightweight but will still hold your tree firmly in place.   No more need to fight with difficult to tighten rachets, spikes or thumb screws – we will have already secured your tree for you.

It’s important to frequently water your Christmas tree, this keeps the needles looking healthy and stops them from dropping.  Our stands have brilliant water wells to keep your tree hydrated at all times – that’s one less thing you have to worry about!

Nordman Christmas trees are rightfully the most popular Christmas trees in the UK, don’t miss out on making a Nordman fir the festive focal point in your home this year!


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