Thursday, June 21, 2018

16 Dec

Our Winning Garden Suggestion!

Thank you for all of your gardening suggestions. From recycling bottles into bird feeders to creating long lasting hanging baskets using succulents. Our Jersey Plants Direct team really enjoyed reading all of your suggestions.

Purchased for a few pounds they reduce weight, making pots much easier to move around

Unfortunately there can only be one winner. We felt that this winning suggestion ticked all the boxes. As well as being cost effective and original it gives an alternative to the tiresome job of lugging pots and scrubbing stones.  So congratulations to Mr Lonsdale who came up with this helpful, handy tip-

“A great way to save having to find large stones to put into the base of large pots for drainage, is to use play balls. Purchased at a few pounds for a 100 they reduce weight, making pots much easier to move around, reduce the amount of soil in the pots as more can be put in without increasing the weight, and are simple to wash in disinfectant as very little earth can stick to them. (Simply put them into a net, hose them down and then dip the net into a container of Jeyes), or whatever. They are easily stored as all one has to do is return them to their original pots and wait until planting time once again. And finally they last years.”

Mr Lonsdale had this to say when contacted about winning our competition-

“Thank you for considering my suggestion and of course I am pleased to be the winner, it was a surprise. As you know from your records I have been a customer of yours for some years now and always get good results from your produce.” 

I would suggest taking any wires out as they could damage the fruits.

Mr Lonsdale chose vouchers for his prize- we hope you enjoy spending them here at Jersey Plants Direct!
Because of the large number of fantastic suggestions we recieved we felt that we should choose a runner up and reward them with a £20 Jersey Plants Direct voucher. It was a tough decision but well done Mr Jolland who came up with this humorous handy tip.

“I use my wife’s old bras to support melons and beefsteak tomatoes.”

Mr Jollands had this to add-
“What a surprise your email was telling me I’d won runner-up prize in your garden tips competition.  I have used the bra idea for a couple of years now and it works a treat and is certainly a talking point when friends come to visit my garden!  I would suggest taking any wires out as they could damage the fruits.”

Thank you for making this competition a success with all of your entries! Keep checking our gardener’s blog  for your published tips and tricks!


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