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07 Jun

June Garden – Tidy, Protect & Maintain

Trailing plants can be trimmed to encourage fresh growth and new blooms

Tidying your garden – Cut back, prune and divide:

Now is time to prune your spring flowering shrubs like early flowering clematis, Deutzia and Vibernum.

Dead head Azaleas, Irises, Pansies, Violas and Roses also dead head Rhododendrons when they have finished flowering but be careful to remove the dead flower without damaging the new shoots.  Cut off the flowers from Lupins and Delphiniums as they fade.Tall and floppy plants, such as Delphiniums, Hollyhocks and Peonies will need a stake to support them. Also, you will need to tie in Climbing and Rambling Roses.  Any other trailing plants can be trimmed to encourage fresh growth and new blooms.

Hybrid Tea Roses can be disbudded – remove smaller buds from the cluster that forms at the shoot tip and leave the largest central bud to develop into large show stopping blooms.

June Garden Maintenance:

Don’t neglect container plants; feed them with plant food every 2-4 weeks.

Water hanging baskets and containers, as they will dry out faster than your beds, but try to use collected rainwater wherever possible.

Keep on top of weeds. You can use a trowel or hand fork for deep rooted perennial weeds like dandelions, but using a hoe on is a great way to quickly slice into the soil and remove the weeds.  Hoeing on a sunny day is best as you can leave the weeds to shrivel up and die quickly.

Sweet Peas love to grow up wigwams.  Gently tie plants into supports to encourage Sweet Peas to climb.

Pests are out this month so check Roses for signs of blackspot & aphids.

Protect vunerable plants, such as hostas, from slugs and snails


Vine Weevil larvae can be a serious pest of containerised plants and become active this month.  Try biological control for Vine Weevil – safe for your vegetables too!

Aphids multiply rapidly this month and into the summer.  Remove early infestations by hand to prevent the problem getting out of control.

Protect vulnerable plants from slugs and snails – like Lily, Delphiniums and Hostas.


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