Thursday, June 21, 2018

19 Jan

Inspiring Gardening Suggestions!

Choosing the winner of our gardening suggestion competition really was a difficult task. Thank you to all of you who entered- here are some of your fantastic suggestions!

Mrs Jarvis has a great tip if your struggling to pick up that heavy watering can-

“My garden tap is about 1 metre from the ground. I have had a shelf fitted below the tap on which I rest my watering can to fill. I am then able to remove the heavy can from the shelf instead of bending to the ground to pick it up; a great help as one gets older!”

Mr Heasman sent us a fantastic photo alongside his gardening suggestion. Just follow his handy tip for a brilliant ever lasting hanging basket!

Mr Heasman's fantastic long-lasting hanging basket!

“Take two wire hanging baskets place the two halves together to make a ball. Use garden twine or wire to secure them. Place a strong plastic bag inside leaving the opening at the top. Fill with good quality compost, slow release plant food and some water retaining gel. Make small wholes in the bag and plant semperviums all around filling out with moss. Cut a 500ml plastic bottle in half press the top part into the basket at the top to enable easy watering. Enjoy your everlasting hanging basket, the best part is when they flower!”

 Struggling to think of an effective way to recycle your plastic bottles? Kath has come up with a range of possibilities!

“Recycle hanging bottles make stunning hanging baskets. Also they make great bird feeders. We finished making a bottle greenhouse this summer out of platic 2Lt bottles. And the surplus we have made hanging baskets which now have winter pansy.”

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