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24 Jan

Imagine the Delight of Picking Fresh Fruit from your Garden!

BRAND NEW Soft Summer Flowering Fruits in 9cm Pots!
Punica Granatum Nana (Dwarf Pomegranate)

Punica Granatum Nana (Dwarf Pomegranate)

Imagine the delight of picking your own fruit, fresh from your garden!

These fruits are despatched in 9cm pots and are much easier to grow than bare root plants! With this brilliant range of fruit plants and trees you can be picking your own crop next summer. Treat your family and friends with healthy summer snacks – these fruit trees produce ripened colourful fruit with excellent culinary abilities.

All fruits are despatched from February through to the end of April. Order now to get yours early in the season! 

We have a fantastic collection of fruits on offer- from specialty gooseberries and pomegranates to a range of raspberries – there’s something for everyone!

Fancy something a little unusual? Why not try our specialties… 

Punica granatum Nana (Dwarf Pomegranate) only £9.99
This pomegranate is a hardy deciduous tree that can be grown in the garden or conservatory. Attractive red trumpet flowers will flourish in the summer and then make way for beautiful fruit in the autumn. Pomegranates are packed with antioxidants and vitamins A, B and C all necessary for the body to function properly and stay healthy in the long term.
Gooseberries Hinnonmaki Red

Gooseberries Hinnonmaki Red

Ficus Carica Kadota (Fig) only £7.99

This will make an attractive and unique addition to your garden! This fig tree will grow up to 3 metres and produce tough skinned fruit with waxy leaves. Figs are a good source of dietary fibre and potassium which helps to control blood pressure.

Gooseberries Hinnonmaki Red only £13.99 

Sit back and watch your gooseberry plant produce heavy crops of delicious sweet and juicy berries, with excellent disease resistance. Plant in full sun to partial shade for best results. Gooseberries are extremely high in vitamin C and are known to help lower cholesterol. 

Rhubarb Champagne only £11.99 

Enjoy juicy reddish pink stalks with a delicious sharp flavour. Rhubarb champagne is a prolific variety, ideal for forcing. Unlike the other specialty fruit on offer, rhubarb will be despatched as crowns. Rhubarb provides a good source of vitamin C, fiber, and calcium. 

Raspberries Rubus Apricot

Raspberries Rubus Apricot

Our Raspberry varieties are filled with traditional nutrients, vitamin B and C, packed with antioxidants and generally brilliant for maintaining your health and preventing diseases.   

This raspberry variety will produce an abundance of great flavoured fruit in mid July and then again in September. It has good all round disease resistance and fantastic culinary abilities!

3 Raspberries Rubus Bristol (Black) only £12.99 

This raspberry variety is very hardy and a great cropper. With fantastic resistance to powdery mildew, you can enjoy fantastic quality fruit this summer.

Blackberries only £13.99

Blackberries only £13.99

3 Raspberries Rubus Apricot (yellow) only £12.99

 This unique yellow raspberry is a superb quality fruit with excellent culinary abilities. Plant in full sun to partial shade for best results.

3 Blackberries only £13.99

 Delivered in a 9cm pot, these blackberries are easy to grow and being so rich in vitamins, minerals, and fiber, they also make a nutritious treat. Packed with antioxidants, blackberries also help combat damage from free radicals.

3 Blueberries only £12.99

Blueberries have been becoming increasingly popular as more emphasis is put on the importance of healthy eating. The nutritious blueberry will rival English favourites the strawberry and raspberry this summer- so don’t miss out!

Strawberry Planters - Ideal for the Patio!

Strawberry Planters - Ideal for the Patio!

Strawberry Sonata Plants

Choose from 12 strawberry sonata for only £9.99 or 24 for only £14.99! These delicious plants are despatched as runners from February to April and are ready for immediate planting.

Enjoy juicy strawberries throughout June and July. Strawberries are naturally high in vitamins and minerals, low in calories, and easy to incorporate in tasty summer dishes.

Why not try our strawberry planters? 2 Strawberry Planters £7.99 OR 4 Strawberry Planters £13.99

Perfect for those of you with patios, balconies or small gardens. Each planter holds 6 plants, has a ventilated flat base and handles allowing you to easily move them around.


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