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28 Jan

How to Successfully Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs!

5 Dahlias £8.99

5 Dahlias £8.99

How to successfully plant summer flowering bulbs!

Spring is the perfect time to prepare your garden for beautiful bursts of colour by planting summer flowering bulbs.

We have a fantastic range of bulbs, tubers and corms on offer.  Oriental and Asiatic Lilies, bargain barrel Begonias and amazing architectural plants – there’s something for every garden this summer.

It is important to consider which bulbs you would like to plant in your garden. Do you want bulbs you can keep in the ground year after year or ones that need replacing annually? Look for bulbs that will flourish in your garden, make sure you note whether bulbs are sun or shade loving! 

Check that your bulbs are healthy and all signs of frost are gone before you start planting! Bulbs should be planted two to three times their own depth and around two bulb widths apart. Bulbs that bloom in the summer need plenty of water right after they are planted. For best results, ensure that your soil is constantly kept moist. 

Traditionally, bulbs are planted in a planned formation amongst other bulbs. This method is tried and tested, and works well to ensure colour and interesting displays before your shrubs and perennials burst into life.

If you’re looking for a change, why not try mixing things up by blending bulbs together throughout your border for a more natural look. Natuarliase your bulbs by scattering them and planting them where they fall.

Jersey Lilies (Amaryllis Belladonna) £8.99

Jersey Lilies (Amaryllis Belladonna) £8.99

If you are considering planting your bulbs in containers, layer them as you go, dividing each layer with soil. This will give you a long colourful display throughout the summer. Always remember to plant the bulb that will flower last at the bottom of the pot. 

Create a bright colourful display with these Dahlia and Begonia in a barrel offers, perfect for your patio . Complete with tubers, compost and a beautiful container they are ideal for gardeners planting bulbs for the first time. It really couldn’t be easier to create fantastic summer displays.

Native Island Bulbs 

As a Jersey based company, we are proud to offer you the native flowers of our island and neighbouring channel isle, Guernsey. Beautiful pink Jersey Lilies (Amaryllis Belladonna) are all weather tolerant and will flower from September to October. Guernsey Lilies (Nerine Sarniensis) are a striking red, all weather tolerant flower that will bloom from September to October.

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