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15 Feb

Growing Beautiful Impatiens from Plug Plants for less than 7p each!

Impatiens Jigsaw

Impatiens Jigsaw

An increasing number of our customers want to grow on their own plug plants. What better way to start than growing our plug Impatiens! Impatiens are well known for their delicate, yet dependable blooms. 

We are offering these popular bedding plants in three unique varieties. Choose from Jigsaw, Trailing or Double Flowering Impatiens – there’s something for every garden!

Nothing else gives you fantastic summer colour like Impatiens. Give your garden more colour than ever by planting Impatiens in large block colours. Impatiens are extremely easy to propagate, making them even better value for money. Impatien plug plants spread well and will cascade beautifully over the sides of your garden containers.

Value for money is important when planting annuals, which is why there’s no better offer than our 7p plug plants! Some bedding plants, such as Impatiens, Begonia and Petunia are also difficult to raise from seed. Buying them as plug plants ensures that you will receive all the plants that you require, and you don’t risk the disappointment of failed germination. Enjoy the satisfaction of growing on your plants from plugs and filling your garden with colour all summer. Learn more about the benefits of growing your plants from plugs by clicking here!

Impatiens are fantastic value for less than 7p per plug plant. Impatiens will be despatched from late February, order now to get yours early in the season!

Impatiens Jigsaw is compact in habit and when established will be free flowering throughout the summer. Colours include lavender, deep pink, orange, pink, red, rose, white and salmon. Height reached 20 to 25cm. Spread of 20cm.

Impatiens Summer Waterfall is excellent for hanging baskets they produce extra large flowers and growth vigour. Colours include white, red, pink, lilac, orchid, orange, butterfly, cherry and passion. Spread reached 15 to 20cm. Trail of 50 to 60cm.

Impatiens Double Deluxe are double flowering and will spread well giving beautiful colour throughout the summer. Colours include coral, orchid rose, pink, red, salmon, red flash and orange flash. Height reached 25 to 30cm. Spread of 20 to 25cm.

Mr L from Northern Ireland had this to say about our Impatiens;

“Thank you for the Impatiens plug plants you sent to me, I have been gardening for over sixty years and I have never has such excellent plug plants”

It’s always great to hear about our plants flourishing in your garden, have you had success with our Impatiens? Let us know! Send your comments to


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