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25 May

Water Gardens

water gardens

Water garden plants

Water, water everywhere!

A water feature provides a playground for wildlife and is an attractive focal point in any garden. Building a water feature is easy. Whether you already have a garden pond and want to add to it, or are building a water feature from scratch, you can choose from a number of pond friendly plants, for example, the Water Lilly. These majestic flowers fill the air with a wonderful scent and add colour to your water area. The Nymphaea ‘Attraction’ is a wide-spreading, free flowering water lily offered by Jersey Plants Direct. These flowers are initially small and pale pink on a young plant but, once established and growing well, the flowers may be anything up to 9” across with golden stamens.

Christine Walkden, feature writer at Jersey Plants Direct says, “no water garden should be without an Iris and planting our native flag Iris will add sword like leaves up to 3ft tall and bright yellow flowers in May.” Christine also offers some extra insight when it comes to choosing something a bit different for your garden pond: “we are offering the smaller, and in my opinion more attractive, miniature bulrush Typha minima. It grows only up to 12” tall producing rush-like foliage and small, oval flower heads during the summer.” Read Christine’s water gardening article here.

Water gardening rewards

Water gardening requires some thought: “the wrong plant in the wrong place can soon result in invasive growth and a management problem that can be difficult to solve.” So if you are adding to your pond area or building a water feature then consider these tips from Jersey Plants Direct feature writer, Christine Walkden. Follow a few simple guidelines by selecting plants from those offered and you will have many years of pleasure from your plants and pond. Sit back and watch wildlife such as toads and frogs, dragonflies and damselflies as they enjoy drinking, washing and feeding in your water feature.


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