Thursday, June 21, 2018

14 Mar

Get the Most for your Money with our Plug Plants!

Best Plug Plant - Geranium Parade £9.99

Geranium Parade £9.99

Due to an increase in interest we are now offering more firm favourites from our Garden Ready Plant range than ever before! Whether you are looking to fill beds, borders, hanging baskets or containers there are plenty of colourful options for every gardening need. From more traditional Petunias, Begonias and Impatiens to our innovative Geraniums we really do offer a fantastic variety of Plug Plants.

Filling your garden with colour year after year can be extremely expensive. Many of you do not have the time and space to grow your bedding plants from cost effective seeds. Plug Plants are the perfect alternative! Plug Plants are the best way to save money if you enjoy growing annuals each year.

Garden centres stock rows and rows of colourful ‘ready’ plants that, as the name suggests, are ready to be planted out straight away. This is convinient, but comes at great cost! Buying garden ready plants offers you a show of colour straight away, but will be a burden on your bank account if you buy new plants each year. Save money by ordering our fantastic value Plug Plants!

Impatiens Jigsaw £9.99

Plug Plants will need a little care on arrival, but we have done the hard work for you. Our nursery staff have carefully nurtured our Plug Plants from seed, ensuring they have the best environment possible for successful germination. Simply grow on your Plug Plants in a greenhouse or similar facilities and plant them out after all risk of frost.

All of our Plug Plants arrive as 100 plants + 60 free from just £9.99- thats less than 7p per plant!

Our Plug Plants are grown in individual cells and measure 4-8cm in height from the root to the top of the stem. All of our Plug Plants have started to be despatched to those customers who ordered early.

Order yours today to be next in line for delivery!

To find out more about our Plug Plants click here for our article on all you need to know about Plug Plants!


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