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28 Jun

Settling Down

The sounds of wild garden birds

Settling down article

Learn all about the well-known sounds in your garden

Mike Stentiford, MBE, is Jersey’s best-known ornithologist and has a depth of knowledge when it comes to wild garden birds.  In his article ‘Settling Down,’ Mike reveals some of the well-known sounds you may hear in your garden.  Some garden birds make unusual sounds, for example, can you imagine the sound of what Mike calls the ‘bicycle-pump bird?’ Read more here.

Watch carefully your Wild Garden Birds

Wild garden birds are always busy feeding and nesting. Consider this ‘It’s been estimated that an average brood of ten young Blue tits consumes somewhere in the region of 15,000 caterpillars while still in the nest!’ That’s quite a job for mum and dad!

Wild birds have plenty to sing about. And, it’s not just parents:  Mike thinks one melodious bird song you hear could be ‘from unpaired males that categorically refuse to accept the reality of bachelorhood!’ Just listen to the sounds in your garden! You may even hear a warble.  Find out what Mike says about warblers and other wild birds in his article ‘Settling Down.’

But, it’s not all about pretty birdsong. A bird’s masochistic tendency can cause havoc for you and our feathered friends! A simple application of some coloured paper can help prevent wild garden birds from injuring themselves.

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