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28 Apr

Create a Drought Tolerant Border!

Many gardens are prone to drought. Why not save time and money by filling your garden with drought tolerant plants! It’s better to be safe than sorry- even moist climates occasionally have droughts and certain parts of your garden may be drier than you think. Luckily, many drought tolerant plants are also tolerant of poor-to-average soils and some even prefer imperfect soils.

If you want to grow bedding plants in an area of full sun you should be considering drought tolerant plants. This will enable your plants to flourish, and reduce the amount spent on irrigation. Why not take a look at our fantastic drought tolerant range by clicking here!

As climate change presents us with the possibility of hotter, drier summers it becomes increasingly important to plant according to our environment. Water is a precious resource, and one that needs to be used sparingly. Drought tolerant plants will withstand the heat and need less water throughout the summer months.

There are drought tolerant plants available for pots as well as beds and borders. These will be brilliant if you have a balcony greatly exposed to the sun, or a patio with no shade. These are our top drought tolerant plants for pots!

  1. Geranium Parade 50 + 20 Garden Ready Plants - One of our top sellers, this popular Geranium is brilliant for sun trapped gardens!
  2. Gazania Firecracker 50 +20 Garden Ready Plants- Both drought and salt tolerant- perfect for a sunny, seaside garden!
  3. Salvia Desert Fire 50 + 20 Garden Ready Plants – This vivid red plant is compact and has unrivalled heat tolerance.
  4. Yucca Collection 3 Plants- This beautiful sun loving collection will add structure to your garden.
  5. Lavatera Rosea 1 Plant - This drought tolerant shrub has perfect pink flowers and dark green leaves. It will also attract all sorts of wildlife into your garden!

Get started on growing your beautiful drought-tolerant garden with these tips!

  • First you need to plan it. Sketch a plan of your garden and think about the available space, soil condition and amount of light available.
  • Choose which plants suit you and your gardening needs. A lot of drought tolerant plants have silvery leaves to reflect the light, but some aren’t so obvious. There is such a large range of drought tolerant plants available, you will easily find what your looking for! 
  • Choose high water areas to be productive, useful and fill in the rest of the area with natives and other drought-tolerant plants.
  • Water your drought tolerant plants straight after they are planted, then let them live off any rainwater.
  • Add pathways, patios and other areas that will be attractive, useful and require no water at all!


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