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03 Apr

Green House Project – The National Trust for Jersey Goes Green!

'La Caumine a Marie Best' (also known as the white house)

Jersey Plants Direct is proud to be associated with The National Trust for Jersey’s pledge to go green in 2011. It is the Trust’s 75th anniversary this year, and they have pledged to go green in 12 easy steps each month of the year…

The National Trust Pledges-

  • In January the Trust installed insulation in all their properties as part of their on-going refurbishment programme.
  • During the dark days of February the Trust installed energy-saving light bulbs and eco-managers in all their tenanted properties.
  • March was all about saving water and energy by installing washing lines in all of their tenanted properties.
  • April takes advantage of our fantastic vegetable range! Jersey Plants Direct have pledged to give the Trust all they need to create their own vegetable plot – find out more by clicking here!
  • May recongnises that compost doesn’t have to be complicated. The Trust are providing all their properties with compost bins and will seek to establish a public recycling provision on one of their sites.
  • In June the Trust pledges to to connect their properties to metered mains water and install aerated shower heads and taps, dual flushing systems, cistern hippos and shower usage monitors.
  • July is all about gifts for you! The Trust are offering all members a free bag for life, and a re-usable water bottle.
  • August is about harvesting, but this year its water you will be gathering from your garden not vegetables!
  • September is the start of a hard winter for your local wildlife. The Trust pledge to make all their properties wildlife friendly.
  • In October it’s time to wrap it up and save paper! The Trust are pleding to use re-cycled paper in their office, will you do the same?
  • There are plenty of fantastic local produce stores in Jersey. The Trust pledges to buy local this November.
  • Finally, in December the Trust pledge to establish an architectural salvage facitility- one man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure! 

The Trust started their 12 pledges by painting our iconic ‘La Caumine a Marie Best’ (also known as the white house) green! This is to highlight the need to go green, by simply living more sustainably we can go a long way to addressing enormous challenges such as global warming.

We hope that everyone sees the ‘green house’ as a constant reminder that they can do something to make a difference! So why not join in and take an active part in going green.

Join us and start to make a difference!


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