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13 Apr

Creating a Symmetrical Garden!

Straight lines and neat edges will really make a statement to anyone viewing your garden.

Many people will assume a ‘traditional’ English garden belongs to a cottage or country house.  Romantic roses and pastel petals may come to mind, but traditional gardens started with symmetry. Imagine fantastic, large gardens with straight paths and fountains as focal points, all viewed from the balcony of a renaissance home. 

Here is your guide to modern symmetry, perfect for your front or back garden, this formal design will keep order in your garden and give a fantastic first impression. Straight lines and neat edges will really make a statement to anyone viewing your garden. 

Symmetrical gardens are easy to create- just keep colours, shapes, and features as simple as possible. Consider the scale of your design; symmetry is most effective in a large garden, but can work well in a small garden if planned properly. 

Perspective is extremely important when creating a symmetrical garden. If you are creating a symmetrical garden at the front of your home, your guests will view your home as the focal point. It’s important to make sure the scale, order and perspective work both ways.  Do you have a focal point when viewing your garden from the house?

  • Start by integrating a path into your garden. Paths create easy, flawless symmetry, but need some purpose.
  • Make your path lead to something- a bench, statue, fountain or pond. Any of these features will create a brilliant mid- point in any garden. 
  • Line your paths with green foliage. Keeping the colour simple will emphasize the symmetry. Think about the shape of your foliage. Do you want boxwood hedges, circular shrubs or plain lawns either side?
  • Use mirror image shrubs or big containers to mark the beginning of the path. Align hedges with property lines, or your house walls. 

It’s important to keep up maintenance, symmetry can be lost if your plants either side are not pruned the same. 

Let us know how your symmetrical garden looks, send your comments and photos to gardenersblog@jerseyplantsdire.com!


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