Friday, May 25, 2018

25 May

Top Bird Care Tip for May – Bugs Aplenty

It’s generally at this time of year that I attempt to create something new in the garden, new that is, by way of being of benefit to wildlife. This year I’ve decided to turn a corner of the garden into ‘creepy villa’, a little rocky outpost likely to prove attractive to all those members of the insect clan.

I’ve chosen a sunny spot in which to simply create a rocky landscape whereby large stones will be stacked atop each other with most of the cracks being filled with earth. Other cracks and crannies will be left as open hideaways thereby attracting all kinds of bugs, spiders and solitary bees.
In order to ensure regular summertime visits by butterflies, the earthy cracks will be planted with rock plants that provide plenty of nectar right up until autumn.

A couple of old terracotta flower pots buried and inserted with the base-hole facing out might also prove irresistible to any house-hunting bumblebee. Once in place, I’m sure it won’t take too long before it becomes a bustling little insectivorous township!


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