Tuesday, May 22, 2018

11 Apr

The Fate of Local British Produce Lies in Your Hands!

What ever happened to buying locally?

More and more people are buying imported manufactured equivalents of British produce that can be bought locally or grown yourself. This is rapidly putting local suppliers out of business and effecting the environment due to the distance your food has to travel. When it comes to fruit and vegetables, new growing techniques and high intensity production are overshadowing the local produce we used to enjoy so much.

‘Imperfect’ produce is no longer a possibility! Buying in large chain supermarkets gives the impression that fruit and vegetables have to be the right shape to taste great. These high standards of appearance are putting local suppliers out of business, even if their produce is better for you!

Supermarkets are simply responding to, and fullfilling a demand. The responsibilities of changing the fate of British produce lies with the consumer. If you want to start buying local, hunt down your nearest market or farm shop and start buying!


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