Tuesday, May 22, 2018

26 Apr

Add Structure to Your Garden!

You may think that only walls, floors, roofs and paths add a sense of structure to your garden, but often plants can be the best way to create an architectural haven.

Architectural plants will add a different dimension to your garden and provide form throughout the year.  Use spikey, colourful grasses to accentuate the contrasts of foliage in your garden. Architectural plants are fantastic in beds, either mixed with other shrubs or perennials or isolated on their own. They look brilliant in containers, and will add structure to any patio or balcony.

Here are our top Architectural Plants-

  • Yuccas Colour Guard- Yucca plants are great all year round plants and are hardy and drought resistant. Good in borders and containers. They produce scented creamy white flowers when mature
  • Cordylines Pink Passion- These palm-like plants are grown for their evergreen architectural form. They make attractive feature plants. This cordyline is unique due to the vivid pink colour and contrasting lilac and purple in its foliage. It would make an attractive feature in a border, container or even as a house plant.
  • Phormiums Rainbow Queen- A colourful Cordyline with bronze, green, silver and red fronds. Phormiums are great plants for containers or garden borders. Ideal plants for costal gardens.
  • Mahonia wagneri Fire Flame- This flowering shrub is fantastic for providing winter colour to your borders. It is perfect for planting at the back of your border. As other shrubs fade and loose their colour the Mahonia will provide a glorious colourful display. The small yellow flowers are scented.

Let us know how your Architectural Plants look! Send your comments and photos to gardenersblog@jerseyplantsdirect.com!


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