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23 May

Create Bold Beds with Vibrant Colour!

Give your garden an instant lift with vibrant colour this summer. Create eye catching beds, borders, containers and hanging baskets with beautiful, bright flowers. It’s time to abandon spring pastels and look forward to fantastic colour combinations this summer. 

Whether you want a mix of colours in your beds and borders or just one colour in your hanging baskets we have the perfect plants for you! 

Here is our colour guide to the best and brightest plants we have on offer… 

Red, Orange and Yellow will fill your garden with warm summer colour.


Clematis Dr Ruppel- 1 Plant £6.99!  A fast growing variety with beautiful deep pink bicolour flowers. An excellent repeat bloomer and is suitable for growing in patio pots. 

Garden Scented Pinks Collection- 6 Jumbo Ready Plants £10.99! This collection has a superb fragrance and make wonderful cut flowers. They will flower year after year. 


Habenaria Radiata (White Egret Orchid)- 1 Plant £12.99! Also known as the Flying Egret Orchid is a native Japanese plant. Its elegant, pure white flowers with fringed petals resemble a dove in flight. Suitable for the conservatory, can be planted in a shady border once established. 

Geranium White Ivy- (Trailing) 28 Super Ready Plants  £14.99!  This trailing geranium is a good all round performer with good all weather tolerance. It will produce a mass of white flowers and cascade over the sides of your pots and hanging baskets.  
Geranium Fire Queen- 28 Super Ready Plants £9.99!  The red flowers stand proud of the green coloured leaves, giving a lovely backdrop to the large flowers. Geranium Fire Queen is good in dry conditions and will bloom throughout the summer.  

Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) 1 Plant £7.99! Japanese Maples are delicate looking shrubs and one of the best foliage plants to add beautiful colour and structure to your garden. This maple has outstanding orange tinged green foliage turning to fiery shades of red and orange in autumn. 


Forsythia Mini Gold 1 Plant £5.99! Forsythias are renowned for their blaze of golden flowers in the Spring. They are hardy and easy to grow. This Forsythia is suitable for the smaller garden, due to its compact habit and low maintenance. Lonicera Japonica Halliana (Honeysuckle) 1 Plant £5.99! This vigorous scented evergreen honeysuckle produces masses of flowers all spring and summer. The tubular creamy yellow flowers are great for attracting wildlife to your garden. 



Begonia Destiny 28 Super Ready Plants £9.99!  Our best selling Begonia Destiny is an established favourite. This strong upright bedding plant has fully double flowers and will provide colour in your garden all summer. 
Spirea Goldflame 1 Plant £5.99! This Spirea is perfect for a smaller garden due to its compact nature. It has small toothed gold young leaves which turn yellow then mid green.  It requires little maintenance and will attract wildlife to your garden. 
Blues:  Ceanothus Puget Blue 1 Plant £5.99! This sun loving evergreen shrub will produce a mass of blue flowers in the spring and early summer which creates a super display against the lovely, glossy, deep green foliage. 

Beds & Borders

Creating a colourful bed couldn’t be more simple! Think about which colours you want to include- do you want a vibrant display without it looking too garish? Go for co-ordinating colours, pinks, purples and blues look beautiful when combined, as do oranges, reds and yellows. But if you really want to liven things up any colours will do! 

 Mix plant varieties, sizes and textures for a varied display. Our Hosta Harmony Collection contains a wide range of textured green foliage, brilliant for mixing amongst shrubs and perennials.  


The key to creating Hanging Baskets is to use both upright and trailing plants

Pots & Containers 

Liven things up a little with a variation of pots and plants. Why not try co-ordinating your plant and pot colours. The warm colours of Begonia Destiny will look stunning in terrocotta pots dotted around your garden.

Hanging Baskets 

The key to creating Hanging Baskets is to use both upright and trailing plants. Single coloured hanging baskets are always very popular, try plants of the same colour but varying shades. Choose the right compost, water your hanging baskets every day and deadhead regularly for best results.  

Do you already have beautiful colourful displays? Send your comments and photographs to

Perfect for a smaller garden, pots and containers will liven up any garden space, patio or balcony



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