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06 May

Having Trouble Contacting Us?

Here at Jersey Plants Direct, we want to offer our customers the best possible service. We hope that this article will answer many of your questions and reassure you that we will be in contact with you as soon as possible regarding any pending queries.

Contacting us via telephone

Many customers have commented on how they are unable to reach us via telephone. Just to explain a little more about how our telephone system works here at Jersey Plants Direct. We have 30 phone lines operated by our customer service team. They answer phone calls between 8.00am and 6pm Monday – Friday,  9.00am – 4pm Saturday-Sunday.

Once all lines are in use, customers are put in a queue until an operator is free. When all 30 lines are in use, you will hear an engaged tone. Spring is our busiest season and we are working as fast as we can to answer our customer service calls. If you keep getting the engaged tone, please bear with us, or send us an email!

Contact us via email

The best way to get in touch with us at the moment is via email at Our customer service team is working hard to reply to your emails as quickly as we can and we estimate it will take no longer than 6 days to receive a reply.

We try to answer your emails as efficiently as possible. Providing you with a personal reply instead of an automated response is extremely important to us. I hope you understand that answering each email individually is time consuming, but means you are getting the best possible response.

Delivery information

If you have had any trouble with our delivery service, please contact us via email. We will replace plants that have been damaged during despatch, so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We are unfortunately experiencing delays with our Plug Plants. The plants are not maturing as quickly as we would have liked, and because of this, delivery will most likely be delayed until the early parts of May. We want to ensure you that if you receive your Plug Plants at the beginning of May; they can still be grown on and planted out to flourish beautifully this summer.

Many of our customers ask for accurate despatch dates. All of our plants are sent out only as and when they have grown to specification in our nursery, and on a “first-come, first served” basis, so it can be difficult to give a more precise timescale for delivery than that on our website. There is a despatch date listed on every product page, simply type in the plant name or code in our search bar and take a look at the despatch date on the right –

Genuinely Sorry- Delays!

Please rest assured that we will deliver all orders to the quality and value that you have come to expect from us. I personally apologise to anyone affected. We are dealing with any customer disappointment as quickly as we can and of course will honour our obligations to all customers affected. We feel disappointed too, but we always accept that it is our responsibility to “deliver quality and value”.


One Comment on "Having Trouble Contacting Us?"

  1. Steve Williams on Tue, 9th Oct 2012 3:58 pm 

    Dear Jersey Plants,

    For the last few years I have ordered your begonias.

    Last year I ordered (ref; 442175) Begonia Destiny and Begonia Sparkle (trailing) and, quite frankly cannot wait to order them again for next year even though they continue to be ablaze with colour in pots across the garden. As I write they show no signs of going over. They are the best, blousy, most spectacular pot plants I have ever planted or indeed seen and I have no desire to plant anything but these.
    I have received no end of compliments, even though I have done little, other than provide the odd, tomato-type plant feed. We hosted a charity Children’s Society event on Saturday and much of the talk seemed to be about your wonderful, colourful, begonias. Needless to say, I was more than happy to point people in your, well deserved, direction.
    Last year the begonias arrived early allowing me ample time to plant them on into 3″ pots which were placed in an unheated greehouse. They were planted out into large garden pots at the beginning of June.
    I understand I am too early to present an order for 2013 but please, let me know the instant I am able to place my order for next year. I can’t wait.
    Kind regards,Steve Williams

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