Friday, May 25, 2018

17 May

What Wildlife to Expect in Your Garden this May.

This month you can expect to see plenty of birds nesting. Now all of our migrants have arrived for the summer months you are much more likely to see more birds nesting in your garden! Listen out for their beautiful dawn chorus and keep an eye on your cats!

Butterflies, Dragonflies and Damsel flies start emerging this time of year.

Many of Britain’s endangered butterflies are bouncing back after decades of decline. Butterflies, much like humans, respond to shelter, sustenance and sunshine. Help them by planting nectar-rich flowers so butterflies and bees can keep their sugar levels up before winter hibernation. Want to learn more about Butterflies? Why not take a trip to the National History museum where 600 butterflies arrived in April for the  ‘Sensational Butterflies’ exhibition.

Be wary of Hedgehogs, they are in decline!

Try to make your garden as Hedgehog friendly as possible by setting aside some undisturbed land, compost or wood pile where hedgehogs can thrive.

HedgehogIf you’re really interested in helping hedgehogs this year, we reccommend that you weigh them! This may sound slightly bizarre, but any hedgehog under 600g is unlikely to survive the winter.

If you can, take hedgehogs in and keep them in a well heated room (to stop them hibernating) and feed them with tinned dog food everyday. Once their weight goes up, you can release them.

This month, create a new life source by buliding a pond in your back garden! It creates a haven for local wildlife and a tranquil area for you. Follow these easy steps to create your garden pond-

1. Mark out the area in your garden where you want the pond to be. Remove the top layer of soil carefully, and then dig the rest of the pond as deep as you would like. Paying close attention to varying levels.

2. Remove stones from the soil as you go, and when you are finished digging, line with a think layer of hessain sacking.

3.Lay pond lining on the inside of the pond, making sure there is an over hang of about 30cm. Find something to make sure the lining stays in place.

4. Fill pond with fresh water, and a range of pond friendly plants.

Children will love to be involved with the creation process of the pond, but if your worried about it being safe, always cover your pond with a metal grate. This will become partially covered with plants and you’ll hardly be able to see it.

It will take a while for the pond to settle, mature and take on a life of it’s own without your interference. You can fill your pond with goldfish. But remember, if you are looking forward to toad and frog spawn, give them a place to hide, or your fish will eat them!


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