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13 May

Fantastic Clematis Plants for your Containers!

With such beautiful vivid colours Clematis make brilliant pot plants. They are one of the most accomodating famlies of plants, there is a Clematis to suit everyone!

With many more people gardening on patios than ever before, we are more likely to keep them outside then bring them in. Our Clematis plants are bred to perform and will fill your garden containers with colour all summer long.

We have choices from both our Jersey Choice Clematis Collection and the prestigious partnership of Erison & Poulsen.

Our Jersey Choice Collection consists of -

Clematis Mazowsze – This stunning claret red Clematis was raised and introduced in Poland in 2006. It’s a self-clinging variety, useful for covering those unsightly fences.

Clematis Multi Blue – This compact, double flowering variety looks great in any container. Raised and introduced in the Netherlands in 1983, this brilliant blue Clematis will brighten up any garden.

Clematis Dr Ruppel – A fantastic pink Clematis with beautiful bi-coloured flowers. This Clematis is an excellent repeat bloomer.

Clematis Jackmannii – The oldest large- flowering cultivar, first raised in England in 1858. This variety is vigorous in habit with a proliferation of blooms throughout the summer.

From the prestigious partnership of Erison & Poulsen we have the following Clematis plants-

Clematis Flora Filigree – This beautiful Clematis has medium sized silvery, blue petals. It’s a dwarf variety, perfect for your patio pots!

Clematis Flora Picardy – It’s striking dusky red flowers will fill your garden with colour. This dwarf variety has free flowering medium sized blooms.

Clematis Flora Bijou – It’s beautiful pink tipped anthers will open to a lovely rosette shape this summer. Don’t miss out on this fantastic dwarf variety, perfect for small balconies or patios.

All of our Clematis plants are available as a single plant from £6.99 or 3 Plants from £13.98! 

Clematis are extremely easy to plant and care for. Simply fill your Clematis Containers with good, multipurpose compost and water well. Clematis prefer their heads in the sun but roots in the shade. You risk your Clematis wiliting if you let sun fall on their roots throughout the day. The best thing about container gardening is that you can easily move your Clematis plants out of the sun.

Let us know how your Clematis plants are doing! Send your photos and comments to


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