Friday, May 25, 2018

23 May

Pond Friendly Plants!

Nymphaea Attraction (Water Lily)

You may have read our previous article on May Wildlife, which included a guide on how to create a garden pond. Below we have a fantastic range of Pond Friendly Plants. These easy to grow, attractive plants are perfect if your trying to liven up your pond or planning a new water feature.

Butomus Umbellatus (Flowering Rush) – This swamp or water plant will add colour and height to the edges of your garden pond. They look brilliant planted in groups and will flower from July to September.

Iris Pseudacorus – This large, vivid yellow water Iris is a great addition to any garden pond or wildlife garden. It can also be grown in a water filled container.

Typha Minima (Bulrush) - A perfect miniature version of the bulrush normally seen growing beside rivers and lakes. This plant is ideal for garden ponds. Plant it at the water’s edge in moist, boggy soil.

Nymphaea Marliacea Albida (Water Lily)- This is the most popular variety of white Water Lily, perfect for any pond. This lily flowers profusely and will produce a mass of scented, double flowers.

Nymphaea Marliacea Albida (Water Lily) – This vibrant Water Lily will produce stunning yellow flowers and attractive large green foliage.

Nymphaea Attraction (Water Lily) - A majestic Water Lily with magnificent colourful flowers offset with large bronze tinted leaves.

Can’t choose? Why not try our great value pond friendly plant collection! Buy 3 pond friendly plants for the price of 2. This beautiful collection consists of Butomus umbellatus, Iris Pseudacorus and Typha minima (all described above.)


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