Friday, May 25, 2018

23 May

Prune for More Blooms!

This month, it’s time to prune tender shrubs!

In May you should be focussing on cutting back shrubs to limit their size and optimise their blooms! Once May arrives, all risk of frost is gone, so towards the end of the month it’s safe to start cutting down your evergreen shrubs, both tender and moderately hardy.

Refraining from cutting back your shrubs may cause damage later. Waiting until the end of the growing season may be tempting, but pruning in autumn leaves shrubs vulnerable to frost damage.

Simply remove branches and foliage that has been damaged over time by disease, infestation, animals and winter weather. Pay attention to where you are pruning, making the wrong cuts can often leave your shrubs looking lopsided, ruining the design of your garden. Pruning should take place before flowering, so energy is directed into the remaining stems to create beautiful blooms!

Trace each brand to find it’s main shoot and cut it back to a couple of leaves, open up the shrub by removing some congested branches in the centre. Cut off any spent blooms from early spring gardening.

Use the right tools, this makes pruning easier and your shrubs will look their best. It’s vital to have a good pair of pruning sheers, keep them in a shed so they don’t get rusty. Look at investing in new lopping sheers, hedge sheers and hand saws, but be careful!


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