Friday, May 25, 2018

24 May

Help Nesting Birds this May!

Some birds may have built their nests now full of chicks around your garden. Others like wrens, our bird of the month- may already be hunting for the crucial material needed to create a home for their second brood.

It’s easy to help birds this time of year! Create a bundle of suitable nesting material and hang it in an easy to reach place in your garden. Anything from wool, straw and dry grass to feathers, pet and human hair will do!

  • Gather the nesting material from your home or garden.
  • Use a thick twig as the centre of your bundle.
  • Start by wrapping the material around the twig, securing it as you go with garden twine.
  • When the bundle is big enough, secure it with a final wrap of twine.
  • Hang it from a conveniently placed tree, shed door, or high point in your garden.

Enjoy watching garden birds gather around your helpful nesting bundle!


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