Friday, May 25, 2018

26 May

Tips, Tricks and Garden Advice!

Many of our customers are fantastic gardeners with plenty of tips and tricks up their sleeves. Over the last year we have run ‘Gardening Suggestion’ competitions, giving you the chance to share your advice with other like-minded gardeners and hopefully win a fantastic prize!

Here are just a few of the brilliant suggestions we recieved -

This suggestion won a copy of Christine Walkden’s new book… “If you are growing vegetables and have trouble with slugs try growing inexpensive lettuce seeds around the edge of your plot (especially useful for raised beds) the slugs will feast on the lettuce and hopefully not attack anything inside (there may even be enough for you as well!)”

This humorous suggestion won second place in our Christmas Competition… “I use my wife’s old bras to support melons and beefsteak tomatoes.” 

And this helpful suggestion was one of our runner ups…“My garden tap is about 1 metre from the ground. I have had a shelf fitted below the tap on which I rest my watering can to fill. I am then able to remove the heavy can from the shelf instead of bending to the ground to pick it up; a great help as one gets older!”

We recently recieved this brilliant photograph…

Cherry Trees are well known for insisting on keeping their branches upright. As you can see from this photograph, this gardener came up with the fantastic idea of weighing down the outter branches. Simply rotate the hanging bricks round the tree and the branches will open up!

We love hearing about how our customers overcome the trials they face in the garden, whether it’s upright cherry trees or trouble with slugs – we want to know! We would love to recieve more photographs alongside your suggestions, so take a photo to illustrate your idea!

Send your comments and photos to or simply post them on our facebook wall! Keep checking our blog for your published suggestion!


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