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27 May

Brighten Up Your Garden with Jewel Plants!

Aubretia Royal Red

Creating a Jewel Garden is perfect for those gardeners who love rich, vivid colours. It doesn’t necessarily have to be well thoughout or planned to perfection, but don’t become complacent! It may lead to your Jewel garden needing more care.

Imagine a garden spilling with extravaganze, filled to the brim with crystal brights. We have a brilliant selection of colourful garden ready plants and shrubs for you to create the perfect Jewel Garden.

Focus on the colour you already have in your garden. Do you have emerald greenery- perfect for backing the bright blooms of other plants? It’s important to keep greenary in your garden to break up the bold beds and borders of colour.

Crystal brights, pastels and traditional jewels colours are what you should be looking for. Plant them in co-ordianting beds, borders and containers or in bold drifts of one variety. Here are  favourite ‘jewel coloured’ plants -

Clematis The President

SapphireSalvia Seascape is a beautiful and unique bedding plant. It’s bright blue spikey blooms will add colour to any garden.  

Emerald – As mentioned above, it’s important to keep greenary between colour. Try our Hosta Harmony Collection or Euonymus Emerald shrub.

Ruby - Aubretia Royal Red is an RHS award winning bedding plant. Brilliant for ground or wall cover.

Amethyst – Clematis are ideal for a jewel garden. There are so many varieties, all with stunning vivid colours. Clematis The President is a beautiful purple shrub, it’s reliable and repeat flowering.  Foliage is important in any garden. Keep to the jewel theme by incorporating gold into your garden. Our Azalea Golden Lights is perfect for filling those border gaps.  

Gold -

 Having such a variety of plants means that this part of your garden may need more care. Deadheading and annual mulching is a must. As long as you keep up with maintanence this really can be the most magical part of your garden.

Do you have a Jewel Garden? Send us a photograph of your garden to!

Berberis Harlequin

It’s important to sustain colour in your Jewel Garden. Make sure you take note of the flowering time to ensure you have  colour all year round.


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