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Identify Your Rose Pests!


Look out for tiny non-flying insects found on young buds and around soft tips of young shoots. Aphids will suck the sap from your plants, weakening them and making the foliage discoloured. Aphids produce a sticky deposit honeydew that later turns black on plants, they also transmit plant viruses.

Combat aphids naturally by wiping them off by hand or using our biological controls! Lacewing larvae love to eat Aphids, as well as thrips, red spider mite and mealy bugs. Control your Aphids with our 100 Lacewing Larvae or 30 Ladybird Larvae.

Leaf- Rolling Sawfly

You’ll rarely see this pest as larvae or an adult, but you will see affected leaves. The leaves of your Roses may be wrapped tightly into cylinders as a home for the their tiny larvae.

Simply pick off the affected leaves, these pests won’t harm your plant and spraying is no use!

Leaf-Cutter Bees

Do your Roses have neat semi-circle bites on their leaf edges? Leaf-cutter bees will take ‘bites’ from your roses as material for nest building.

This may look odd but theres not much you can do about it. Bees shouldn’t be harmed as this does not effect the flowers.

Capsid Bug

A green grasshopper- like insect that distorts the growth of your Rose foliage. They suck the sap from buds and leaves making them wilt and form brown marks.

Pick off the insects as you see them or spray as you would for Aphids.

Large Rose Sawfly

Small Caterpillar bugs that will leave skeletonised areas on your leaves. They feed on the soft tissue between the veins and a big infestation reduces the area available for photosynthesising.

Remove them by hand or leave them for the birds to eat!

Unable to find your pest in the list above? Send us your photographs to and we’ll try to identify them for you!


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