Wednesday, May 23, 2018

13 Jun

Know your Garden Bugs!

Garden bugs may all be pests to you, but it’s important that they aren’t all treated as parasites! Many bugs are beneficial to the environment and should be left to their own devices, your plants will thrive because of them.

There are three main types of garden bugs, some that are extremely valuable and some that you should get rid of as soon as possible.


You’ll most likely be aware of how benefical these bugs are to your garden. Bees, tiny wasps and butterflies are part of this group and will help fertilize food crops, trees and flowers. Planting colourful, nectar rich flowers will attract these friendly bugs into your garden.


These can be extremely beneficial to your garden, especially when it comes to reducing the population of parasites. If your garden is under attack from aphids, try and introduce ladybirds, hoverflies lacewings or spiders. This is an affective way to gain some biological control over your garden.


Your biggest garden enemy, these bugs are the real pests! Parasites will lay their eggs on other insects and use them to bring up their young. Eventually the young will kill their host. Parasites include hornets and some wasps.

Are you having trouble indentifying your garden bugs? Send us a description and photograph of your pest and we’ll try to identify it for you…!


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