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06 Jun

Identify Your Rose Diseases!

Black Spot

It takes the form of a black spot fungus and produces spores, which are released under wet conditions. Black Spot thrives in warm, wet weather, especially in the spring. Leaves less than two weeks old are most susceptible and spores can survive on fallen leaves and within the soil. It can be passed from plant to plant as well as on hands, clothing or tools. Badly affected leaves can often fall off and reduce flowering ability.

Pick off affected leaves and collect fallen leaves regularly to stop the disease spreading. Make sure you burn any infected leaves and keep them away from your compost pile! Get rid of disease ridden plants and replace them with a disease resistant variety.


As its name suggests garden rust is characterised by rust coloured spots and irregular discolouration on Rose leaves and stems. Rust is a fungal garden diseases and spores can be transmitted between plants by the wind, on animal fur, or people’s clothes and hands.

Remove any infected leaves immediately. Make sure you collect and remove all of the fallen diseased leaves before they start to decompose. Rust spores spread through the air so separate infected plants from healthy ones to avoid contamination. Water in the early morning so the plants have a chance to dry out during the day and don’t water from overhead, this will cause the spores to be carried back up to the plant by splashing water.


The surface of Rose leaves, shoots and buds develop spots or patches of white to grayish talcum powder-like growth. You can see the disease easily on the top of leaves. However, mildew also affects the bottom sides of leaves, so remember to check the underside of the plants to catch the disease early.

Firstly, remove and destroy all infected plant parts immediately. Don’t put infected plants on your compost. Wipe off mildew with a damp cloth and keep your plants well watered. Make sure you don’t plant your Roses too close together as the disease is easily spread this way.


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