Thursday, June 21, 2018

14 Jun

Magic Marigolds… Top Tip for June!

As we hit high-summer time, our tip for the month isn’t actually a proper tip but more of a recommendation really! As gardeners, the chances are that in amongst all the border plants we could well have a patch or three of marigolds.

Apart from their skill at ‘colourblazing’ the garden, marigolds appear to be on excellent terms with all kinds of insects. This isn’t surprising really as the bright hearts of these bonny little flowers are chock full of high quality nectar power. On warm sunny days, the petal heads might be buzzing with what, at first sight, appears to be small wasps. Closer inspection, however, often reveals a far less malevolent insect – the hoverfly. In addition to them being totally harmless to us, hoverflies are excellent news for gardeners as their larvae enjoy a jolly fulfilling munch on harmful caterpillars. All the more reason then, to recommend a few rows of marigolds in amongst the vegetable patch!


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