Wednesday, July 18, 2018

23 Jun

Anyone for a Cuppa?

Tea and coffee are must-have items in most homes. You don’t have to be a tea or coffee enthusiast to see the benefit of these fantastic new products.

You don’t need a large green house or an exotic climate to grow these specially selected tea and coffee plants – you can grow them on your windowsill!

We have these two brilliant products on offer -

Tea Plant (Camellia Sinensis) Only £14.99 - Think about how wonderful it would be to grow your own, completely natural tea! These easy to grow, evergreen plants will make an attractive and useful addition to your home. It’s fragrant green foliage will produce beautiful white flowers. This Tea Plant can be grown in pots on your patio during the summer months.

Coffee Arabica Plant Only £9.99 - Grow your own coffee beans! This plant produces fragrant white flowers followed by oval shaped fruit which as they ripen, will turn red. Each fruit holds two coffee beans, these easy to care for plants can be grown in pots on your patio during the summer months.

Not sure what to buy? Why not try both! You can save £5 and buy both the coffee and tea plant for only £19.98!

Both plants will be despatched between July and September and supplied in 9cm pots, ready for immediate planting.


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