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14 Jun

Get Rid of Those Garden Pests!

Last week we asked our customers on Facebook which pest has been invading their garden recently. We had replies about aphids, slugs and snails but also some we weren’t expecting…

Bet Grady said that she was having trouble with Lily Beetles in her garden:

The Red Lily Beetle, as the name suggests, is the Lily's greatest pest.

The Red Lily Beetle, as the name suggests, is the Lily’s greatest pest. Both the larvae and adult can ruin your Lilies! You’re likely to see them grouping together on the underside of leaves, feeding from your foliage between May and September.

They usually just eat the leaves but are known to also eat the flowers, seed capsules and stems in heavy infestations. Lily Beetles live mostly in the south of England but are gradually making their way North, they have now even been spotted in Scotland.

Lily beetles are red and usually about 8mm long when they are an adult. If you see these hanging around your lilies simply remove them by hand or use pest control. You can buy pesticide purely for use against Lily Beetles.

Many of our customers have problems with cats:

Grow lavendar or scatter orange and like peel around your beds to deter cats.

Cats can be extremely unpredictable with a variety of tastes, this can cause some issues when trying to deter this pest. However, there are a few deterrents that all cats hate…

Firstly, before planting new additions to your garden lay down chicken wire over your soil. Simply cut a whole big enough for your plant, cats will hate walking on the chicken wire in the surrounding area. If you use mulch in your garden, simply add some pieces of pine cones or small stones, cat’s dislike uncomfortable surfaces.

Cats are extremely repelled by certain smells. You can purchase commercial cat repellant to sprinkle around your at risk areas. Check the instructions to make sure you can safely use cat repellent if you have children or other pets.

Grow lavender or scatter orange and like peel around your beds, these strong scents will deter cats easily. Other repellents include bone meal, lemon grass, eucalyptus and ground ginger.

Rabbits are a well known garden pest:

Rabbits will quickly locate their favourite plants and will visit your garden to eat them regularly

Rabbits will quickly locate their favourite plants and will visit your garden to eat them regularly. Rabbits are prone to feeding from vegetable plots because they love broccoli, beans, carrots, lettuce and peas. They will also devour many spring flowers and chew the bark, buds and stems of woody plants.

Use bone meal to deter rabbits, at first you will need to replenish the bone meal after it rains but once rabbits change their eating habits it’s unlikely they will return. Always add deterrents late in the day as rabbits mostly feed at night.

Aromatic plants will also work, try planting Lavender, Marigolds, Echinacea, Cyclamen or Buddleia. A good combination of fencing and deterrents will reduce the damage rabbits inflict on your garden dramatically.

Let us know if you have any more tips or tricks that will help to deter these pests. Send any comments or suggestions to!


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