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Create a Festive Summer Garden!

A Tea Party can take the form of a picnic or a formal dinner- just don't forget the cakes!

Summer is the perfect time to make the most of your garden and show it off to your friends and family. Whether you are looking to host a barbeque, dinner party or picnic – we have plenty of ideas to share with you!

Firstly, it’s important to pick a theme, this will dictate your choice in food, decoration and entertainment. Here are four of our favourite themes…

Picnic- Traditional picnics take place on the garden lawn, so make sure it’s trimmed and mowed.  Try to trim any over hanging trees or hedges.  

Formal Dinner Party- You will need a set of garden table and chairs. Include a centre piece picked from your own garden, try a bowl of fruit picked fresh from your trees or a bunch of flowers from your blooming beds.

Tea Party- This can either be formal or informal. Re-create that picnic feel or turn it into a dinner party… just don’t forget the tea and cakes!

Trees, fences and large hedges are the perfect places to hang decorations.

Barbeque- This is one of the most popular choices of a summer party. Make sure you have room for people to sit, either on the lawn, deck chairs or a full dining table.


Paying attention to detail is extremely important when hosting a summer garden party. You may want to move those more expensive containers to a different location, especially if children will be attending. Trim back hedges, lawns and any plants or trees that over hang seating areas.

Keep those bugs at bay, there’s nothing more annoying than bees, wasps and other garden bugs buzzing around your food. Hang garlic, or use lots in your cooking, burn citronella candles or keep a jar of jam well away from your food to distract bees and wasps.


Pastels and brights are popular choices for decoration. Hydrangeas make stunning center pieces.

Use the colours of your garden to help you decide on the decor. Pastels and brights are popular choices, if you have a mostly green garden either will suit.

Trees, fences and large hedges are the perfect places to hang decorations. Try hanging paper lanterns, a string of fairy lights or bunting. Candles are a brilliant way to create a soft lighting in the evenings, put them in lanterns to protect them from the elements. Fire pits or patio heaters are a brilliant way to warm up when sat outside.

Herbs, vegetables and fruit from your garden can be used in your culinary dishes or as decoration. Potted tomato plants are brilliant as center pieces, simply put them in an attractive container and your guests can pick tomatoes straight from the vine. If you have fruit trees, why not make your own jam as party favours. Jars are cheap and easy to get hold of, and jam is easy to make! Fill a small jar with your home-made jam, and add some ribbon for decoration.

Have you created a festive garden? Send us your comments and photographs to gardenersblog@jerseyplantsdirect.com… or post them on our Facebook wall here!


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