Tuesday, May 22, 2018

05 Jul

What to Prune in July…

Your garden is likely to be looking its best as everything flourishes this month. Unfortunately, growth in some gardens may have been stunted by hot temperatures early on, drought or the dismal weeks of cold weather. You may be one of the lucky gardeners to have a beautiful selection of blooms and tons of greenary to enjoy, but don’t enjoy it too much! Don’t let your summer garden distract you from planning for autumn and winter.

Prepare your garden for autumn and winter, but try not to ruin what you have already by over-pruning. Try your hand at simple, inconspicuous pruning. Prompt, yet sensitive action is needed this time of year. If a plant is becoming an obsticle and gradually swamping other plants around it, you need to prune quite harshly.

Much of what you do in July will dictate what your garden looks like next season. Creating a seamless transition between seasons involves little, but efficient pruning and the slow replacement of early summer blooms. Keep up garden maintenance and you’ll avoid gaps in your borders and bare looking beds.

Deadheading is vital this month and will keep your garden looking fresh. Energy that would have been spent turning flowers into seeds will instead encourage your plants to produce new blooms. Do not deadhead plants if you want them to turn to seed. Some flowers, such as Alliums, make a brilliant architectural addition to your garden in their winter form- so try not to deadhead them!

Keep on top of weeds. July often uncovers weeds trying to take a foothold in your garden that you may have overlooked. Prompt removal by hand is the best solution. Bindweed ofted hides beneath a jungle of plants, allowing it to escape your view, quickly remove it with a hand fork.


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