Friday, May 25, 2018

13 Jul

Potatoes Just in Time for Christmas!

Imagine eating your own new potatoes on Christmas day…

Summer planting potatoes for Christmas is now a reality with these 3 varieties of specially stored seed potatoes- 

One of the nation’s favourite varieties of potatoes to grow in the garden. Remains popular due to its excellent taste and early boiling ability. This potato will produce high yields of white skinned tubers with shallow eyes. Great resistance to all forms of scab and spraing.

Pentland Javelin

Considered to be one of the finest first earlies that you can grow. Produces heavy crops of short oval white skinned tubers and has a pure white, tasty flesh. Also has good all year round disease resistance to common scab and blackleg. A waxy type of potato, great for boiling and salads

Pentland Javelin £3.99 for 1kg!


 Winner of the RHS Award of Garden Merit. The most popular salad potato in the UK. Full of flavour with excellent cooking qualities. Long tubers with a yellow skin and a firm waxy flesh. Good resistance to foliage and tuber blight. 

These special potatoes have been stored at a low temperature to ensure that they are kept in great condition for you to plant during August so you can enjoy the fresh taste of new potatoes on Christmas day. 

These seed potatoes are available in 1kg or 2kg packs and our patio planters are available in packs of 3 or 6. You can buy our patio planters and potatoes seperately or how about our Special Starter Kit of 1kg of your favourite potatoes plus 3 patio planters, saving you £1! 

Each 1kg pack will consist of approximately 12-15 potato tubers which will produce approximately 10kg of tasty, fresh potatoes. 

All of our potatoes will be depsatched throughout August. 

What to do when your Potatoes arrive… 

  1. Place them out to chit for a couple of weeks just so they break dormancy and this will allow them to grow quickly.
  2. Plant them in potato planter bags so they can be kept indoors when periods of blight are possible in late summer. The other advantage of growing potatoes on your patio is that you can put them indoors later in the year when frost is forecasted.
  3. Plant 3 to 4 potatoes in each bag is and some added fertiliser is recommended so that you can boost the growth of the potatoes.

Let us know how your potatoes are doing – post your comments & photographs on our Facebook wall here!


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