Friday, May 25, 2018

12 Jul

How to Make a Wildlife Pond in a Pot!

You don’t need a large garden to be able to offer a home to local wildlife. A mini pond is perfect if you don’t have the space but want to attract a smaller variety of wildlife. Encouraging beneficial insects and predators of pests will, over time, help to bring balance to even the most urban of gardens.

Frogs are extremely beneficial when it comes to keeping down slug and snail populations. They are attracted to any small amount of water, you will often see them swimming in half filled buckets or watering cans. It may take a few months for you to gain some regular visitors but it’ll be worth the wait!

  1. Choose a shaded spot, remove the handles from your plastic tub.
  2. Stand the tub inside another larger, more attractive pot.
  3. Fill the gap between the containers with multi-purpose compost.
  4. Plant moisture-loving gap fillers between the two containers. This will provide shelter and soft ground cover.
  5. Inside the tub try to include a mixture of aquatic plants. Use bricks or stone slabs to support them.
  6. Cover the gaps where soil is visable with small pebbles or stones. This will provide shelter for smaller inhabitants.
  7. Pile up logs or rocks and pebbles next to your pond, this will provide any visitors easy access.

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