Friday, May 25, 2018

19 Jul

Boost your Berries!

For those of you who ordered soft summer berries from us earlier this year, learn how to boost your berry harvest!You can expect an abundance of fruit if you follow our easy guide…

Water & Feed

As your fruits begin to ripen you can boost yields by giving your berries some extra water. Drench the root area once a week and use fertiliser high in potash. This will encourage good flower and fruit development.

Have you only been getting greenary from your berry plants? Make sure you aren’t using feed that’s high in nitrogen.


Birds are waiting for their chance to swoop and steal your delicious berries! You can use reflective scarers like cds to deter birds but your best bet is to prevent birds from reaching the plants. Grow your bushes in a fruit cage or add netting to your plants as the berries begin to ripen.

Slugs can be a big issue when it comes to fruit. Once the fruits start to form, place some straw underneath the ripening fruit and protect the fruit with your normal method slug control. Once they change to a good ripe colour pick them regularly.

You can still buy our fantastic Alpine Strawberries as either 12 or 28 Jumbo Ready Plants. These strawberries are perfect for your hanging baskets, containers, beds and borders. They will produce fruit next spring.

Berries can be used in a wide range of dishes, have them fresh as a summer snack, create smoothies or add them to your pancakes! Always remember that when freezing the berries, handle them very carefully as they bruise easily. Excess fruit which isn’t eaten fresh or frozen can also be used to make delicious jams or pies.  



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